Kristen Doute Fears Her Life Will 'Fall Apart Again'

The heroine of 'The Valley' said during Tuesday's episode that she's "learned from my mistakes" since being dismissed from 'Vanderpump Rules' in 2020

Accusations erupted on Tuesday’s episode of The Valley after a fractured game of telephone led to a misunderstanding among the group.

At the outset of the episode, Michelle Lally called Janet Caperna to speak to her about Kristen Doute’s claim that Janet believed Michelle was a Republican, and therefore, a prejudiced. “That’s complete bulls---,” Janet, 34, said to Michelle, 36, over FaceTime.

Janet called the move “very typical for Kristen” and Michelle said Kristen “snapped” when she found out that Jax Taylor invited her ex-boyfriend Alex Menache to boys’ night with her current boyfriend Luke Broderick.

“What I think is that she does not want Alex’s side of their breakup shared, especially with Luke,” Janet suggested.

Brittany Cartwright then got coffee with Kristen, 41, and confronted her about reiterating the comments she heard from Zack Wickham. “Me of all, people? You think this is a topic I want to speak about ever?” Kristen asked Brittany, 35.

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Kristen explained in a confessional that she reiterated something that “was told to me, something that Janet said.”

Kristen proceeded to contact Zack, 35, to corroborate that she heard these allegations from him. “The Republican thing was said, but that does not mean racism and I never said that,” Zack said, adding that those comments were made “behind the scenes.”

Zack said in a confessional that Kristen should not have repeated what they discussed. “Kristen just cannot keep a secret to save her life,” he continued. Kristen told Brittany she felt impelled to say something. “It’s been sitting inside of me like, really bothering me,” the He’s Making You Crazy author said.

Later, Janet recapped the circumstance to her husband Jason Caperna. She explained in a confessional interview that the whole incident began when Michelle made a comment to her about how she believed “Don’t Say Gay” laws protect children.

“I just said to Jasmine, who I guess said to Zack, I said, ‘We were talking about this bill and I think she might support it. I’m like, I don’t know, but, you know, since it’s related to the LGBT community, if you chance to hear her chatting about it and perceive the same thing I did, it might be like an instructive moment,’” Janet told Jason, 40.

Everything came to a climax at the Lallys’ Capri-themed dinner celebration. “I don’t think she realizes how seriously mad I am,” Janet told Brittany at the dinner table of Kristen. Kristen witnessed the discussion at the other end of the table and thought it seemed “inappropriate.”

“Now I think everybody’s involved so we might as well speak publicly,” Michelle, who attended couples' counseling with Jesse earlier in the episode, said to everyone.

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Janet began by saying she never said she believed Michelle was prejudiced and she wanted to know where that sentiment originated. Kristen said she heard it from Zack, which he denied. Everyone went back and forth and eventually escalated with Jesse Lally telling Luke to “shut the f--- up” for defending Kristen, who apologized for reiterating the remarks about Michelle.

“I will tell you this, if you call someone a Republican in L.A., that’s a death sentence right there,” Zack said in an on-camera interview. “That is a social suicide moment. You better be on the DL if you’re a Republican because you’re not getting invited to anything.”

Back at the table, Kristen reiterated that she heard the rumor from Zack and didn’t make it up. However, Jesse, 43, brought up Kristen “being thrown off the show for being an actual racist,” referring to her being dismissed from Vanderpump Rules in 2020 for reporting a Black cast member to the police for a crime for which they were not involved.

“He’s just trying to ruin my name by bringing up the most painful thing that I’ve ever done,” Kristen said in a confessional interview.

Kristen termed her 2020 departure from VPR “the hardest time of my life thus far.” “I’m not proud of what I did and I’m sorry that I’ve hurt people, but I’ve learned from my mistakes,” she continued. The former SUR server planned to leave her past in the past.

“People finally gave me a chance again and now it’s like, brought up all over again and now I’m going to have to relive it again,” Kristen concluded. “I hope that my whole life doesn’t fall apart again.”