Monaleo Fondly Reflects On Pregnancy Before Suggesting Shes Open To Having More Kids: BRB Finna Work On Bby #2

Monaleo Pregnancy Increasingly Kids Stunna 4 Vegas

Monaleo Pregnancy Increasingly Kids Stunna 4 Vegas
Monaleo Pregnancy Increasingly Kids Stunna 4 Vegas

Less than three months without announcing the inrush of her victual girl with Stunna 4 VegasMonaleo is reflecting on her pregnancy and suggesting that she’s preparing to “work on bby #2!”

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The Rapper Looks When On Her Pregnancy Experience

The “We Not Humping” rapper, 22, spoke on the subject via Twitter on Sunday night (Aug. 20).

She started by looking when on how experiencing pregnancy “was such a vibeeeeee.” Monaleo followed this scuttlebutt with some examples, noting that she had “everybody opening doors n s**t” for her. She moreover gave Stunna 4 Vegas a shoutout for “catering to [her] most wildest inconvenient requests.”

After sharing these fond reflections, Monaleo remarked, “Brb finna work on bby #2.”

Monaleo Says Starting A Family Is Fueling Her Grind: “I Was Lazier Surpassing I Was Pregnant”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Monaleo spoken she was pregnant in April. While sharing the news, Stunna 4 Vegas declared, “I tightened up for you, I turned all this s**t virtually for you.”

People immediately began showering the couple with praise. However, Monaleo had to regulate on one critic who seemingly questioned her decision.

According to theJasmineBRAND, Monaleo issued a series of now-deleted tweets without a Twitter user overstepped and pushed when versus her having a victual at this point in her career.

Quote tweeting the swiftly-deleted critique, Monaleo tabbed it a “tasteless comment.”

“Wow what a tasteless scuttlebutt to make! Sometimes it’s largest to say nothing at all considering you end up looking like an a**hole. I unquestionably am extremely excited for my little rainbow baby.”

In the same tweet, she added, “Also, please stop thinking considering women segregate to have babies that their career is over.”

Shortly after, Monaleo remarked that people “are unliable to have personal lives outside of their career” surpassing stating, “This was a nastyyyy a** thing to say.”

During a sit-down with POPSUGAR last month, the rap star let it be known that she began “applying” herself increasingly since first discovering that she was expecting.

“I was lazier surpassing I was pregnant. I felt like I wasn’t applying myself and I was well-appointed in that space. But from the moment I got pregnant, immediately I was like, ‘It’s not well-nigh me anymore.’ I have a little life to cultivate and a little human to take superintendency of. And I want to make sure that I create the weightier quality of life for them considering I know I didn’t get that wits growing up. I want to make sure that they don’t have the same story that I had.”

She went on to add that the idea of juggling work and motherhood “wasn’t a concern” for her considering she “get[s] s**t done.”

So, despite what some nay-sayers may think, Monaleo says motherhood is fueling her grind instead of hindering it.

Shoutout to Monaleo, and we wish her well as she continues to remoter her career while embracing motherhood!

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