Season 2 of the Hit Show "Tracker" with Justin Hartley

It won't be long until fans of Justin Hartley's popular CBS series Tracker get a second season.

Based on Jeffery Deaver's book The Never Game, the procedural debuted in February after Super Bowl LVIII and attracted viewers right away. Every week, viewers looked forward to seeing their favorite fictional survivalist, Colter (Hartley), tour the nation in order to assist with the investigation of missing persons cases, find evidence in criminal cases, and much more.

Fans were first drawn to Tracker because of the show's protagonist and the range of riddles Colter had to solve. As guest stars like Jensen Ackles, Melissa Roxburgh, and Hartley's real-life wife Sofia Pernas made cameos, Season 1 only became more captivating. Hartley even had the opportunity to get up with Jon Huertas and Jennifer Morrison, two of his former co-stars from This Is Us.

Viewership figures after the first season conclusion of the program verified that Tracker was the most viewed TV show of 2023–2024. CBS was not surprised by this, however, considering they had already given Tracker a second season renewal.

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When Will "Tracker" Return for a Second Season on CBS?

The 13-episode first season of the program concluded in May 2024. Following the conclusion, the network said that Tracker will return for the 2024–2025 season.

Who Will Return?

After CBS' Tracker Became A Huge Ratings Hit, Justin Hartley Reflects On  His 'Grueling' Schedule In Season 1 | Cinemablend

Of course, Hartley is likely to reprise his role as Colter, who has depended on a number of others to assist him in solving his crimes, including Teddi (Robin Weigert), Velma (Abby McEnany), Bobby (Eric Graise), and Reenie (Fiona Rene). The star of the program, who also serves as an executive producer for the project, has revealed that Roxburgh will play Colter's sister Dory, and that Ackles will return as Colter's brother Russell.

Lizzy (Morrison), Colter's childhood buddy, was first presented in the season 1 finale, paving the way for Morrison to make additional appearances down the road. Since Colter has just recently begun to delve into his late father's background, viewers may also anticipate additional flashback sequences featuring the Shaw family of interest.

How Frequently Will Sofia Pernas Be Seen on the Program?

Despite just making an appearance in a single episode as Billie, Colter's competitor, Pernas made a lasting impact. Fortunately, Hartley has said that Pernas will be making more appearances from this point on.

"She will most definitely return." According to Hartley, in May 2024, "We have some pretty cool stuff for her to do next year," Deadline said. "She will return multiple times in the next year.We'd want to play more with this incredible collection of performers that we've assembled, so maybe they'll be more than happy to return. With all of them, we have a ton of tales to share.

How Did Colter's Story Get Started in the Season 1 Finale?

Towards the conclusion of the first season, there were a number of relationships: Colter learned additional details regarding his father's enigmatic murder.Before Colter's father passed away, his buddy Lizzie disclosed that her mother had an affair with him and that their parents had a falling out. Later, Lizzie discovered a hidden box filled with Colter's father's work. Lizzie informed Colter that she had given the things to his sister Dory, who had never spoken to him about them.

In May 2024, Hartley provided commentary on the plot's future, saying Deadline, "We have a whole other season to shoot that we have to make better than Season 1." We thus wanted all of those storylines to be resolved, but we also wanted those bows to kind of hint to larger, more in-depth inquiries about his background. I believe we achieved that by providing answers to some of the questions we had accumulated during the year. We did a fantastic job, in my opinion, of making sure that the solutions to those questions eventually lead to a more complex mystery that we can explore in season 2.

What Is Colter's Position Regarding His Brother?

Tracker' Season 1 Cast: Jensen Ackles as Colter Shaw's Brother Russell

Colter was certain that Russell was to blame for their father's death during the first season. When Russell said that there was another person in the woods the night his father went over a cliff, it cast doubt on their on-screen reunion.

"Colter finds people and reads people," the statement goes on. He is able to interpret body language. He has the ability to gaze at individuals. He sees right into their eyes and has a human understanding. In addition, he's a soulful man," Hartley told Deadline. "I decided right then and there, based only on his performance and the way Jensen [Ackles] was playing it, that I was going to really, really want to believe him," the speaker said.

However, Colter is not an expert on everything, therefore there are still unanswered questions.

Does Colter believe that at this point he shoved him down the cliff? Most likely not," he said. Does he, however, believe that he was unaware of his father's death or that he had nothing to do with it? And that, like Colter, he's totally in the dark? I also don't believe that to be the case.

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How Often Will Our Favorite Celebrity Attend Events Again?

"Ideally, we would spend as much time as possible with Jensen. But he's a busy man. We will therefore investigate our options and do the same with Melissa. Hartley said to The Wrap in May 2024, "We don't need eight or nine times, but it would be fantastic to have a few with him and a few with Sofia. "I believe we can include Sofia a bit more, simply because of the background with Billie and Colter and the ongoing investigation into Jennifer Morrison's character."

Can Supporters Anticipate Colter to Keep Breaking the Law and Getting Arrested?

Tracker immediately clarified that Colter's success record in his cases was partly on his unwavering determination to get answers. This resulted in several legal run-ins, some of which put Colter in jail.

Nevertheless, we make a running joke about how many times Colter has disobeyed the law. The list that our grips department came up with is absurd. Hartley said with The Wrap, "My idea was to have, maybe at the end of season 2, my wrap gift to everyone is going to be a hoodie that lists all of the things that he's done." Such as assault, burglary, abduction, and other similar crimes. But already, the list is lengthy. He's breaking the law every episode, isn't that right?