The Heartbreaking Story of Breanna Brown's Split from Her Sister

The Brown family has been honoring our televisions for around 10 years now, coming through multiple marriages on TLC's Sister Wives. Severe patriarchy adorer Kody Brown has been very open about his marriages to his three wives, Janelle, Meri and Robyn Brown, also not to forget his ex, Christine Brown. We know that Kody and Christine's has split there roles back on reality show’s this season, ET experiences a breakdown and mental collapse of the full Brown family and how they all are inter connected to each other.

Kody Brown’s fractured family tree living resumes to have an impact on his children. In the Sister Wives episode of 15th October, Breanna Brown and Savannah Brown breaks down about the dying of their sibling relationship bond amongst of the family problems and dynamics. Savanah is 18 years old, who is Janelle Brown’s daughter, described to Christine Brown that she watches Breanna who is also the same age as Savannah ,18 years old, almost every day because they go to the same high school. I don’t like to talk to her  Savanah explains about Breanna, Robyn Brown’s daughter. We just majorly ignore each other.

For the very first time in this season, Breanna speaks up about how she’s feeling regarding everything. Me and Savanah, you understand, we’re polite to each other, she says. It wasn’t like super close and great because, at the time of COVID, people had their own opinions which differed from each other about the rules, so we just didn’t understand what to do with each other, so we kind of maintained our distance.

Breanna Brown's Split from Her Sister

Breanna starts to cry over the end of her sibling bond with Savanah. I kind of just feel confused and numb and like she doesn’t even care, she agrees. “I cant make sense of the right word for tis circumstance is. It kind of just hurt my feelings a little ’cause, you know, we grew up together, we all lived together and grew old together. Breanna carries on to break down in tears, she asks the director to stop rolling the camera. Breanna’s elder sister, Aurora, is sitting next to her and consoles her.

Savanah and Breanna have no sibling bond. They just sort of say hi,

Janelle who is 54 years old, points out, before adding, No. No, they don’t even want that. They in real ignore each other all the time in the halls.

Gabe Brown, one of Janelle’s sons, says that he does see Aurora at school time to time and talks to her. As far as I am concerned, Gabe has been nothing but helpful, Aurora states.

Savanah recently played out with Kody who is also 54 years old, also with Christine’s daughter Truely. Christine appreciates that everything going on with Kody and the kins is a bit “off” for now all that’s what’s going on. To e honest, it doesn’t disturb me now because it’s been so long that he’s not been around  that I don’t even think about it now, I cant even actually feel that he’s not around, Savanah states about her own father.

Meri Brown

Meri Brown is Kody's first spouse and aged in a polygamist family. Meri and Kody first bumped with each other at church when she was 18.

Although the two refrained from any physical intimacy before getting married, even including kissing, they got married in April 1990, they already knew the idea of getting married to more wives, nothing was hidden. Both of them were aware about it.  

The husband and wife shares a child Leon Brown, who came out of the closet as transgender in 2022 June.

Meri was the substance of a 2015 misleading behaviour in which she thought was chatting online to a man, but instead it was a woman. In the repucussions, Kody has stopped all physical activities with Meri and no longer wants to live with her. Kody finally gave a legal divorce in 2014 to Meri, so as to legally get married to Robyn Brown, his fourth wife,has to adopy his other children from old marriages aldo. He remains "devotionally married" to Meri.

Sister Wives:' Robyn's Daughter

Meri has decided that and she plans to take on in her marriage with Kody forward, hoping that he one day he might change his mind about their relationship. Kody has since termed to his marriage to Meri as "alienated," he no longer wants to be married to her. Janelle the second wife of Kody. Kody is also her second spouse. She was firstly married to Adam Barber, who was indeed the brother of Meri.

After the divorce of Adam and Janelle, she married Kody in 1993 and continues her devotional marriage to him. The couple together has six children,Madison, sons Logan, Hunter, Gabriel and Garrison, and daughter Savanah.

Maddie or Madison and her spouse, Caleb Brush, are parents to daughter Evangalynn and son Axel. Kody's third wife, Christine, and they in early times shared a devotional marriage. They got married in the year 1994. In 2021 November, Christine officialy announced that she was filing for a divorce with Kody. Their seperation is currently showing out on Sister Wives. Christine not anymore counts herself as a part of their faith and has given the decision of herself divorced from Kody. She's said she will to continue and start monogamous relationships in the future.

The former pair have a son Paedon and daughters Mykelti, Aspen, Gwendlyn, and Truely  and Ysabel,. Mykelti and her spouse, Tony Padron, had their daughter, Avalon, in 2021 and are recently expecting twin boys. Truely is the only underage child of Christine's and the topic of her custody along with Kody and Christine’s seperation has been a hot debate topic on Sister Wives.

Following her divorce from Kody, Christine has since shifted to Utah with Truely to be near to her family, but has decided that she plans to still make appearances on the reality show of TLC.

Kody's fourth wife Robyn and the only wife he is actually married to without any tag of “devotional marriage” . She and Kody got married 2014, and their marriage was maintained as an evidence on the reality series. Robyn was married to David Jessop before Kody, with whom she has daughters Breanna and Aurora with. Kody legally married Robyn because he wanted to adopt her daughters.Robyn and Kody also has children of their own, Dayton, Solomon and Ariella.

Kody is mainly blamed of favoring Robyn, especially in the era of COVID pandemic, as he has set strict rules and norms on outside interactions and travelling because he wanted his youngest children to be the most healthy and safe.