Sydney Sweeney Celebrated her Birthday With '80s Prom Party Theme

Sydney Sweeney chimed in her 26th birthday in style — ‘80s style, to be specific. The Euphoria star turned 26 on September 12 and celebrated over the weekend with an exceptional ‘80s hop- themed party featuring a star- speckled guest list.

Sydney Sweeney gave suckers a peep at the 26th birthday fests on Instagram, where she reshared a sprinkle of images and vids from guests at her party at Serra on Vine, hosted with Revolve. Only one picture came straight from Sweeney’s camera roll, and it was a shot of the event’s venue, featuring glass balls galore and draped pink curtains decorating the ceiling. The whole venue was decked out in pink for “Syd’s Prom,” and, of course, as the night's promoter, Sweeney was dressed to match.

As shown in other snaps, the actor slipped a satin pink mini dress with a low neckline that showed off her décolletage and crowned in larger- than- life rose shoulder airs. Sweeney accessorized with metallic pink heels adorned with curvatures, a diamanté- stretched pink mini bag (also with an arc), and a big pink demitasse choker. She rounded off the look with the ultimate ‘80s- inspired hairstyle a substantial perm that, dare we say it, was low- crucial paying Oklahoma!

Sweeney was really the star of the night, but there was plenitude of other stars in attendance as well. The Barbie actor posted a short videotape of Sweeney blowing out the candles on her three- tiered cutlet. Greenblatt was not the only Barbie in attendance.

Sydney Sweeney

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Dominican actor Emily Tosta followed suit, participating a picture of the birthday girl and herself at the bash. “Happy birthday, gorgeous. Love u,” her story read. “The absolute stylish ‘80s hop party.”

Former Riverdale star Camila Medes also participated a videotape of the cutlet moment, tagging Sweeney and adding that the “‘80s hop night was rad” with a couple of pink heart emojis. (Sweeney recompensed the love on her repost, adding a “Love you)” to her slide.)

Nicola Peltz Beckham also participated a grain from the party to her stories, which showed Sweeney smiling before entering a bouquet of flowers. “Happy birthday, beauty! I love you so much!!” she wrote alongside a sprinkle of emojis, including a pink arc.

"My most memorable jump thanks to the bday young lady," Anitta composed on her slide. “U earn the stylish!!!”

With a theme as fun as an ‘80s hop and a guest list as star- speckled as this one, Sweeney has big shoes to fill for her coming birthday — indeed if they are her own. But we ’ll cross that ground when we've to. Happy birthday, Sydney Sweeney!

As if we demanded a memorial that Sydney Sweeney is the ultimate cool girl, the Hollywood squeeze just celebrated her 26th birthday in some serious style with an ‘80s hop- themed bash.

Sydney’s party dress brought us back in time, sporting a metallic pink mini that featured a plunging neckline and puffed- out, ruffled sleeves adorned with substantial trophies. She accessorized the hot pink number with a glittery micro tone portrayal bag, a coordinating lei (of course), a diamond dog collar choker with matching earrings from Elizabeth Cole, and pointed- toe slingback heels with curvatures.

The Cosmo cover girl chimed in her 26th birthday with a lovable '80s hop- themed party, and of course the guest list was piled with star power.

Sydney participated filmland from the party in the form of a * super cute * Instagram Reel, which included Polaroids of highlights from the evening. The soundtrack? In agreement with the theme, it was" Girls Just Wan na Have Fun" by'80s pop legend Cyndi Lauper

Her hand golden beaches were coiled and teased up high for the occasion, complete with a side- reach for maximum volume. As for her makeup, her base sounded enough natural with an elevated eye look for some'80s drama. The clear star of the show, however? Her hot pink satin mini dress with puffed- up sleeves and ensign details, complete with a bedazzled mini bag and BONBONWHIMS ring. Consider me hung up with this each- around comforting vibe.

Oh, and the guest list? It presumably included one of your favourite notorieties, because it seems like everyone pulled up for the party. Dominican actor Emily Tosta participated a snap of the scenery to her Instagram Stories, writing," The cutest birthday Sydney sweeney. A dream for us homeschooled kiddies that did not have a hop."

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So, what does one need to do to be added to the list coming time? Asking for a friend who loves to commit to a themed dress law.

To show off what the rest of her soirée looked like, she reposted several of her musketeers’ Instagram Stories from the night. The glass balls and pink curtains could be seen in one print of the event, along with a lit- up cotillion bottom, balloon displays and a white banner with pink textbook that read “Syd’s hop ” against sparkly metallic borderline.

Another snap showed a blue- and- pink starry banded role background with two colour- coordinated balloon bends that people would take prints in front of at a real hop in the ‘80s.

Some of the other decorations included a print cell courtesy of Revolve and Polaroid.

Staying true to her theme, the actress wore a bright pink sheath with fluffy sleeves that looked like it came straight out of the ‘ 80s, as seen in prints she posed for with guests.

She also captured the decade's hand style with her substantial golden ringlets and accessories including a small handbag and platform heels, both adorned with lovable curvatures.

It's clear that 26 is formerly out to a great launch for the actress, who is coming film, Anyone but You with co-star Glen Powell, is set to release in December.

When preliminarily agitating her newfound fame, Sydney explained that she is not taking any openings for granted.

" I am still belting my head around everything that is been going on," she told Vogue in January." I have been working towards this dream since I was 11, and it's been a really long and hard trip."