70s Formal Wear: A Look at the Latest Trends

The fashion in the 70s formal wear was something else, along with both men and women respectively. From accessories to hair to outfit to shoes, each and every thing was top notch. People of the 70’s knew how to dress to kill.

Not just women but men also, of the 70’s were to be praised for their styles. The hairstyles that women used to carry with such confidence were something to die for. 70's outfit for black women’s were something that people was very inspired and motivated from. They wanted to be like those black women’s, everything about those women’s were more than perfect. From their hair to outfit to skin to figure. Black women naturally happen to have curly hair unlike white women, the white women wanted hair just like black women, they spent hours in the salons just to get hair as same as black women’s natural hair.

The people of the 70’s knew to accessorize also, they accessorized so well that the 70’s era have given the world some of the very inspirational and motivating fashion influencers. Most of them were black at the moment. Main outfits and things that were worn in the 70’s were, bell bottoms, chokers, satin slips, overalls and the denim dresses. Men were into high waist jeans and pants like women of this era. High waist culture is famous since a long time now and is still exceeding beautifully.  

Everything You Need to Know About Men's 70s Formal Wears

Men's 70s Formal Wears

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Be it formal or informal, men of the 70’s era loved and were a die hard fan of the bell bottoms and wide leg pants and jeans. They used to wear this only on every occasions. Men’s used to shop for bell bottoms more than women’s according to the surveys. Skinny jeans were not a fashion of that era.

Men’s formal wear were basically revolving around with wearing bell bottoms with coats and shirts, and a very interesting thing about 70’s men is they used to wear high waist bottoms. High waist lower is a very old trend, it is not created now, the fashion designers just brought it back. Men of the 70’s unlike the men of this generation and era used to wear 70s formal wear very elegantly. Men of our generation are wearing their pants and jeans so low that sometimes you can even see their butt crack and underwear below it and trust me that is not pleasant to see at all.

They used to pair their bell bottoms with turtle necks and high necks sweater and cover them up with a formal coat and with that they wore formal shoes or boots. Guys used to look and dress as a gentlemen at that time and they were very confident in whatever they are wearing and looked very handsome.

70’s was also all about prints and florals. No one used to wear subtle and simple clothes in that era, they were full of colors, they loved to experiment and play with colors around. And you wont believe that bell bottoms at that time used to come in a variety of colors such as, yellow, orange and red as well, and people used to pair them with floral shirts and wear them very confidently. They also used to wear flannel shirts with belts. The men looked very classy and hot in their leisure suits, at least one black and blue suit was a must own by an individual men of that era. 

Ideas for Accessorizing Women's 70s Formal Wear

Women's 70s Formal Wear

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Women loved to play with their outfits, they also adored colors along with new and different styles getting launched. 70’s was the era of women fashion. 60s vs 70s fashion. Women of 70’s used to accessorize very much, they used headbands of different colors and designs with long and big hoops in their ears and lots and lots of bracelets in their one hand and always carrying a small or a very big handbag in their hands, whenever going out.

They used to pair blouses with their high waist bell bottoms, they mostly wore platforms boots with almost everything and also sometimes wore hats, that was purely worn by the intention of fashion but the hat also used to prevent the women from getting tanned, sunburned and getting any sun related diseases. But inspite of all of these, women were just concerned about their fashion looks.

They loved wearing satin slip dresses as a formal party wear dress and looked very amazing and elegant in those with wearing them with platform heels and accessories.

Crochet was a fashion trend of 70’s era, it was very famous and also very costly at that time, whoever owned and was seen wearing a crochet was automatically tagged with the label of rich.   

Look Fabulous in a Black and White Formal Dress

Black and White Formal Dress

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Black and white is a type of combo that can never go wrong for men as well as women, both. It will always be the classy and chic combo of all the times if dressed properly and elegantly. As we hear and imagine about 40-50 decades ago from now on the only thing that pops up in our mind is black and white.

The TV’s and cameras were also black and white at that time, the technology was not so developed by that time. If you hear the word formal, that means simple, elegant and chic. You don’t need to carry or wear 100’s of colors and go dressed as a bouquet to the formal party or your office. You need to keep it simple and subtle with a pinch of elegance, and black and white formal dress is the best outfit on the go. Mostly the 70’s formal wear was all about black and white dresses of different kinds.

It can never make you look over dressed nor can make you look under dressed, it is just the perfect way to dress. Also you can style the colors black and white with almost everything because they can go perfectly with anything.

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What did men wear in the early 70s?

Leather jackets were a very famous trend that was wore by men. But also men used to wear wide legged bottoms or bell bottoms, their leisure suits, turtle neck and formal shoes or platform boots with lots and lots of colors and prints.

Many different colors were wore as an fashion experiment by the men, they used to confidently wear pink bottoms with the same pink color turtle necks or with a different flamboyant colored turtle neck or sweater.

And men of the 70’s only wore high waist bottoms, whether it was a jeans or a pants. They didn’t own any low waist or mid waist lowers in that era.