Tips for Wearing a Straw Bucket Hat

The straw ha is a broad covering hat, made out of straw like or straw synthetic type of materials. Madewell straw bucket hat are a type of hat that is designed to provide shade to the face from the sun and head from direct sunlight, but as usual they are also consumed by the fashion industry as a decorative accessory or a uniform. There are many different styles and types of straw hats, but all of them are made using any form of plant fiber. Most of these hats are woven in a similar way to other hats. They are drained in hot water or steamed to get the softer texture, and then woven by a hat block or hand. The more expensive the more finer, straw hats always have a more consistent weave as well as are more tighter in wearing. Since it consumes much more than time to make a bigger hat than a little one, the larger the hats the more expensive they are.

Some Types Of Bucket Straw Hats Are

  • Boater hat
  • Buntal hat
  • Conical hat
  • Panama hat
  • Sombrero Vueltiao
  • Salakot

Cos straw bucket hat have been consumed in Asia and Africa the most, in summer months the most by the Middle Ages because of the direct sun and sunlights, and little have changed between today and the medieval days. They are worn, majorly by men, respectively of all classes. Many can be projected in the miniatures calendars of the Très Riches Heures Duc de Berry. The mokorotlo, also known as the local designed straw hat, of Basotho and Lesotho peoples is the symbol of nationality for them, and also of the Lesotho nation. It is seen on Lesotho license plates. The President Theodore Roosevelt got himself pictured for a series, in 1906 at the Panama Canal construction site wearing cos straw bucket hats. He was shown as a rugged, strong leader dressed elegantly in light shaded colored suits and stylish straw bucket fedoras. This helped very much in making the Panama Hat very famous.

A Guide To Choosing The Right Straw Sun Hat

Right Straw Sun Hat

The evergreen amazing and fashionable wardrobe essential, the straw ha is woven of strongly made natural or synthetic straw materials and is best used for sun protection as well as a fashion accessory. Straw hats can be used by both women and men and is available in many varieties of styles. Straw hats have been used by the people of Europe and Asia the most for the fashion and sunlight protection. They are extensively popular because material of straw is very thin and light weighted and the fact that the straw hats are woved means there are small holes or openings, which gives space for cooling and ventilation during while the hottest days of summers. Depending on the weaved tightness and the ratio of the openings or holes that easily allow some sun rays to come through, a straw hat can be very poor at giving sun protection or very excellent. In general, while shopping for a straw bucket sun hat, it's good to keep it up to the sun to predict how much sun light can come through that particular hat.

Sun protection straw hats also are generally rated with the Ultraviolet Protection Factor also known as UPF factor. For most protection, I suggest to getting the hats that are above or have a UPF 50 factor.

Straw bucket hats with a better weave and tight weave will not aloow much sunlight to come through and will give the maximum protection from the direct sunlight. In general, the tighter and finer the weave of the bucket straw sun hat, the better it is in sunlight protection, but also it will be more expensive as compared to the lighter and smaller one.

Is A Woven Straw Bucket Hat The Right Choice For You?

Yessss, a woven straw bucket hat is definitely the right choice for you ecause as compared to the other hats, like the leather bucket hats or the cloth bucket hats, they are not woven and they are completely and fully covered. They do not provide any type of ventilation for you, the cos straw bucket hat is woven and it has small holes and openings that provides the individual the amount of ventilation that is essential and needed for the person in the summers. 

There are many varieties and choices available in straw bucket hats. Buckets hats are available in many times, and they are the best hats to provide you shades in the sunlight and prevents skin burning and tanning too! Some people have skin burning issues in direct sunlight even after wearing huge amount of sunscreen, their skin just can bear the heat of direct sunlight and thus they are caused with bad sunburns. Sunburns can cause itchiness and redness and can be very painful, thus wearing a bucket straw hat can help you prevent that easily. If you want to prevent sunburns, tanning and heat protection you should definitely buy and start wearing the bucket straw hats, especially if you are heading to beaches. 

How Much Does A Bucket Hat Really Cost?

The cost of the bucket hat actually varies from material to material also the size of the bucket hat and the very important from where you are buying the hat from.

The cost of the straw bucket hat will be different and normal bucket hat’s cost would be different. If you want to purchase a big bucket hat it will cost around RS. 500- RS. 600 and if you want to buy a small bucket hat it will cost you RS. 499 and the bucket straw big hat will cost RS. 699- RS 900, on the other hand small straw bucket hat will cost you around RS. 500 - 700 . These all are just the estimates, costs can vary from place to place as well as seasons to seasons. 

The Impact Of Straw Hats On The Fashion Industry

Straw Hats on the Fashion Industry

Our generation hugely depends on fashion. The Gen Z’s are very much motivated and driven insanely with the fashion trends and fashion industries, everything and everyone is a fashion statement setter and fashion influencer according to the surveys. Earlier also straw hats were used as an accessory and the means of protecting them from direct sunlight and sunburns and tanning, but today the whole meaning of the straw hats are changed.

Not claiming that all the people who wear cos straw bucket hat wears it for fashion, some people also wear it to provide shade from sunlight but most of the people and especially the teens of this generation just wear it as an accessory and a form of photo enhancer to post on their social media. Everything is an accessory for the GenZ’s, you can name anything and they have the talent to turn that one single thing into fashion, and soon it becomes a trend and everyone’s want it. Social media plays a major role in the fashion industry and fashion industries enhancement.

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What Are Those Straw Hats Called?

Those straw bucket hats are also known as Boater Hats.

People in the 1900’s of Asia wore them the most while fishing and as a fashion accessory. The formal name for straw bucket hat is called boater hats. The hat over the years have evolved its deigns and material very much, and a compared to the 1900’s it is very well made and with good material nowadays.