Hannah Gosselin Introduces Boyfriend Lennon and Talks Relationship With Parents Jon and Kate (Exclusive)

Hannah Gosselin said her father "gets along great" with her boyfriend

Hannah Gosselin's boyfriend, Lennon Johnson Jr., has the seal of approval from a famous family.

Nineteen-year-old Jon and Plus 8 alumnus Kate spoke out about it who enjoyed her 18th birthday in a joint interview with Entertainment Tonight, an old friend loves Johnson. and her father, Jon Gosselin.

“It's really cool,” she shared. “He LOVES being the best version of yourself that you can be. I think that makes me a good version of myself. And he has big dreams and I love him."

Jon, 46, joked with his daughter that her 21-year-old boyfriend would be "fine" and she he replied, “What do you mean?! You like Lennon!" 

He immediately changed his tone and said: "Yes, you like him." Lennon and I have a lot in common." 

"He gets along well with Lennon," she added of her father Hannah, who studies business at university and says he gets good grades. "Don't act like you're not." 

The teenager's grandmother also approves of Lennon, and Hannah recalls that her grandmother was thrilled with her boyfriend.

“Oh, she really likes Lennon,” she said of his mother and father she. “He sat down and held out his umbrella while it rained and they talked. You understand" 

The student documenting her adventures with Lennon On their YouTube channel, the couple Lennon and Hannah also announced that they would stay with their mother, Kate Gosselin contacted and met Lennon. 

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When asked if she had spoken to Kate, she replied: "Well, yes. She is my mother. We talked about school and life. ". He knows Lennon. So yeah. I mean, obviously, everyone has an opinion and I'm open to everyone's opinion, but at the end of the day, my decisions are my decisions."

Hannah has previously said that she gets along well with her parents.

"My relationship with my mother is pretty stable.” he told Entertainment Tonight in 2022. "For example, on average, we text and call each other."

"He just wished me a happy birthday," she added. “You know, she told me she loved me and it was amazing. Like a normal birthday message. At that time, Hannah and her brother Collin decided to live with Jon, but the other quadruplets (Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden) lived with Kate 

It wasn't easy for Hannah to live apart from her brothers and sisters. “It was a difficult decision to leave my brothers and sisters. I didn't want to separate from them or even live in a different house from them," she told the outlet, adding that she "always had a good, solid relationship" with her father.

"I decided to live with my father. “I feel like I've made the decision," she added. "I've always been closest to my dad."

The Gosselin family first rose to fame on Jon & Kate plus 8. The TLC reality series went aired from 2007 to 2018 and documented Jon and Kate raising twins and sextuplets.