What happened when Kelly pulled a fake sword on a photographer

Colson baker also very famously known as Machine Gun Kelly, MGK. He is 33 years old born in USA, Texas. He is a renowned and well famous songwriter, American rapper, singer, actor and also a musician. He recently got attention by pulling a prop fake sword towards the photographer on the red carpet. Kelly, with his also very famously known fiancée Megan Fox who is 37 years old, sincerely requested to not be clicked at the time of their arrival at Darren Dzienciol's Pop Icons Halloween Party on October 27, Friday. Irrespective of their no approval, they were forced to walk on the red carpet because it was the main and heart entrance into the private building in Beverly Hills, an insider informed.

However, the circumstances took a major turn when a cameraman clicked a photo. A insider source told that the individual behind the camera was then met with an shocking reaction received from Machine gun kelly. Without a moment of thinking, the person Machine gun Kelly in question pulled his sword dangerously towards the photographer, leaving them with a threatened feeling and also feeling vulnerable. It was later told that the sword that was pulled towards the photographer was actually a dupe from Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill Vol. 1, particularly the one which was used by the character of Uma Thurman's, The Bride. Machine gun kelly, portraying the role of The Bride, directly disclosed the photographer, using strong language and stating, "I specifically mentioned not to get clicked, and here you are disrespecting my words, you individual. Essentially, he asked him to lower down his camera and directly said to him the insider source disclosed. Following the same incident, megan Fox, who is aged 37, simply wanted to retreat indoors. As for Kelly, he immediately departed from the scene after a brief, intense conversation and statements.

According to a source from insider, Megan Fox was in a bad mood before entering and didn’t wanted to be attending any another event following the Casamigos Halloween party before in the evening. The insider source also stated that she finalized to stay for a very limited time and didn't want to attend from one party to another. To which Fox Additionally mentioned, she didn't want to be captured wearing the same outfit at multiple events. For the night, Fox selected to channel the franchise Kill Bill by dressing up in the costume of Gogo Yubari, the school girl assassin played by Chiaki Kuriyama. She wore a black wig, white platform boots and high socks till knees, and also painted her cheeks with blood.

Kelly pulled a fake sword

Both Kelly and Fox made a stir with their costume choices, seemingly disapproving the SAG-AFTRA rules of strike. Despite the request made by guild's for people to only dress up as non-struck content characters and refrain from posting photos of costumes motivated by struck content on social media, Megan Fox posted a photo of hers on Instagram in the Kill Bill ensemble on Friday, also tagging and mentioning the official account of SAG-AFTRA in her caption. Fox and Kelly, who began their relationship in May 2020, have faced a variety of fluctuations and challenges as a couple. Recently, an insider source disclosed Us that the twin flames, haven’t yet decided their wedding date and are planning to do that with their closed ones.

Although Megan and MGK in the beginning had plans for their future and wedding, they have recently put their future and wedding plans on pause, shared by the inside source.

 The source cleared that irrespective of this situation, the couple is still and planning on staying committed to each other. Although, they are not interested about playing their plans for wedding anytime soon. As a result that came out from this is, no particular date has been decided and disclosed for the wedding, and they are no longer recently searching for venues for their wedding. Fox and Kelly got close while working together in 2020 on the sets of Midnight in the Switchgrass. Recently after, Brian Austin Green disclosed his divorce from Fox. Green, who is 50 years old, and Megan Fox were married to each other for over a decade and also have three children together, Noah (9), Bodhi (11), and Journey (6). In February 2022 their separation got finalized.

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Kelly and Fox in January 2022, mentioned their engagement after experiencing hell together, while their relationship. Previously incidents have been seen that Megan Fox has been involved in arguments adjoining her future husband Machine Gun Kelly. While the 2021 MTV VMAs, Megan Fox had to prevent Machine Gun Kelly during a argument verbally happening with UFC fighter Conor McGregor. In July, the couple got themselves involved in a physical fight and argument at the Orange County Fair with a stranger in California. Megan Fox was captures in the middle of the fight, being shoved into a railing, when the unknown man tried to punch her fiance. Fortunately, both Fox and Kelly got out from the incident without causing any harm.

Two months previously, Tyson Ritter, All American Rejects, frontman of, got into a heated fight he had with Kelly on the episode of Tuna on Toast With Stryker podcast. Ritter, is a 39 years old man, he was working as a co star with Megan Fox in Johnny & Clyde, the movie and showed her trailer to talk over ideas for their roles.

After the arrival of Megan's trailer, I found her along with her partner, machine gun Kelly also known as Colson. He stated that he asked Megan Fox if he could put his hands in her mouth while her character's scene of death, which irrationaly Kelly doesn’t wanted and got grossed about.