Bell Bottoms: The Perfect Addition to Any Outfit

The wrangler bell bottoms style finally has made its path back to fashion, all thanks to the large number of audience of this era and also designers who revived this trend again from the last few fashion weeks. This trend was very much popularized and was worn by men women both equally to the extent of fame that definitely was for a time period from the 1960’s to the early 1970’s. The bell bottoms gives such aesthetic vibes to the GenZ’s as well as looks bomb with any outfit. It gives a retro vibe of theme, as people have known that this trend was followed in 1960’s-70’s, these particular bel bottoms or flared jeans are a very essential item of clothing for the wardrobe. As people like to call it “wardrobe essential”. The flared cloth shape of the jeans or lower makes the individual looks very sleek and longer than actual, it completely changes the silhouette of the individual. It is very catchy to eyes, both for men and women, the bell bottoms gives a very nice fit and touch to the men’s leg along with women’s. They gives out a vintage feel and vibes that’s mainly relevant for the moment, yet their fit and look gives out wonders it does to your figure and shape.

Variety of blue colored denims can be simply paired with any white smart shirt and black classic loafers, cotton material is best gone with a chunky sweater and fitted blazer. The options for creating a outfit with bell bottoms are limitless and on top of that you don’t need to make much effort to make outfit with bell bottoms, they can make any outfit on their own, all generations and body types loves bell bottoms. The wrangler bell bottom jeans trend has been revived again in an non believable way of styles, and at all price ranges. Now, bell bottoms are available in almost every range and every color and size as possible. Over sized bell bottoms are also very much available and also very comfortable to wear. It comes in a variety of colors, from your every time go to basic black and blue to ranging till orange and brown as well. The wrangler bell bottoms made it come back with a big bang, the designers thought about each and every thing before launching them in market again, the bell bottoms are available with waist bands of different patterns and sizes as well, some companies launched the jeans with light washed color, some launched with new ripped styles in bell bottoms and also some launched with ranges in colors in all price ranges.

Because of the high waist jeans fashion going on the companies also made high waist bell bottoms also, and that too which are very comfortable to carry. The black bell bottom is an ever green and top classic fashion which can go with any cloth and can create an absolute lovely outfit all together. I don’t think the flared jeans trend can be gone in any era, it is there since decades. Just the methods and styles have evolved according to the customers and consumers interest in trends.

Exploring the World of Bell Bottoms Menswear

World of Bell Bottoms Menswear

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Doesn’t matter whether the consumer is men or women, bell bottoms can make anyone look bomb and can give out a great shape to their figure.  The right bell bottom can make anyone want them to wear 24x7 and their every time go to jeans, men’s bell bottoms are not only available in denim they are accessible in numerous different materials also. Men and women of this generation loves to work and experiment with their looks, they want to create and make statement through their fashion styles, so they are doing that with a complete bang and us and people are loving it.

Its so nice to see that time’s have changed so much that people can wear whatever they want and like without any fear of gender or judgement, in todays time there’s almost no gender particular clothes. Both genders wear anything they want, nowadays, unlike old time, clothes are not styling people but people are styling clothes.

The bell bottoms makes men’s look so adorable and gives them such flattering shape and measurements to their body that because of which also want to wear wrangler bell bottom jeans with zero hesitation.

Men of 1960s and 70s used to wear bell bottom but then the trend got very light and after that men thought wearing bell bottoms would make them look feminine or more on the girly side, but this era gave birth to new fashion statements, and social media plays a very big and important role in the enhancement of these fashion trends.

The 70s Style of Men's Bell Bottom Jeans

In 70s the men’s used to wear bell bottoms with everything and for every occasion, whether is formal or informal. The bell bottoms were so much in trend and loved by men’s also along with women’s. They were the type of lowers which can go with any outfit and with any occasion as well without any second thoughts.

Be it formal events or be it informal parties, it can make you look good every where, bell bottoms amongst men were very famous in the 70’s. every one loved and adored bell bottoms, but if we compare them to now there were not many options and varieties available as of today. They were available in basic colors and almost same styles that too without ripped. The guys in the 60’s and 70’s looked way to cool for their respective time. They just knew how to dress and carry their bell bottoms perfectly.

05 Ways to Style Bell Bottoms Jeans

Style Bell Bottoms Jeans

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Bell bottoms are a classic and ever green type of outfit. These can be worn in summer as well as winters also.

  1. You can wear bell bottoms with a crop top and chunky sneakers with adding accessories like a hat, hand bag and some jewellery.
  2. You can pair then with shirts adding coats over it with high heeled pumps with accessories and jewellery, this will give you a formal look.
  3. You can also pair it with a very simple and basic hoodie with shoesor boots whatever you like, and you are good to go.
  4. You can pair it with a basic white or any plain color shirt with some amount of accessories and jewellery with adding a purse or clutch.
  5. Even you can make bell bottoms look traditional, you can wear kurta on bell bottoms with traditional jewellery and add a slip on or simple sandals.

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Is Wrangler Bell Bottoms Women's the Right Choice for You?

Wrangler Bell Bottoms Women's

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Yes, absolutely. You are going to love the women's wrangler bell bottoms trust me. I have personally tried and tested this for you and after that suggesting you.

They will make you look very sleek along with long legs and giving you the perfect curves and hugs your body at exactly the right places it should be hugged. They have launched denims in many varieties of colors as well as designs. They have ripped denim bell bottoms also, they are available in plus sizes as well and this brand is receiving all the love in the world for their budget friendly denims that any brand needs. 

What is bell bottom vs flared jeans?

There’s not much difference between the two, they both gives out the same shape. Tight from the upper thigh and then loose from below the knee. The difference is just that the bell bottoms are a bit more flared at the bottom whereas, on the other hand the flared jeans are a little les flared as compared to the bell bottoms.

You can see the image for the reference.